Skull Crushers-Correct Form and Muscles Used

Skull Crushers-Correct Form and Muscles Used

The lying triceps extension exercise, also popularly known as skull crushers, is an isolation exercise that targets the triceps. It can be performed using an elastic band, a pair of dumbbells, a straight bar and an EZ bar.


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Cable Incline Pushdown-Correct Form and Muscles Used

Cable Incline Pushdown-Correct Form and Muscles Used

The cable incline pushdown exercise is a great exercise which works on the lats. It is a strength building exercise and requires a high pulley machine and an incline bench. It is useful to develop the V shape of the torso and what makes it significant is the difficulty to cheat while performing the exercise. (more…)

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Bent Arm Barbell Pullover-Correct Form and Muscles Used

Bent Arm Barbell Pullover-Correct Form and Muscles Used

Bent arm barbell pullover is a strength building exercise which primarily targets the lats. Chest, shoulders and triceps also get worked out during this exercise. This is a medium difficulty level exercise which must be performed with caution to prevent any shoulder injury. This exercise is great for developing a V-shaped torso.

Correct Form of Bent Arm Barbell Pullover


The correct form of bent…

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Band Assisted Pull Ups

Band Assisted Pull Ups

Band assisted pull ups is an exercise for beginners. It is performed by those who do not have sufficient strength to perform pull ups without assistance. It is a strength building exercise and targets the lats. You require a pull up / chin up bar and a band for resistance. (more…)

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Myth or Fact - Can Vitamin C Cure Your Cold?

Myth or Fact – Can Vitamin C Cure Your Cold?

The first thing people do after finding out they have a running nose, is reaching for their bottle of Vitamin C. While some may start popping Vitamin C tablets, some supplement it in their diet via orange, lemon and amla juice. But is it worth piling up tons of vitamin C inside your body just to beat the common cold? And does it pay off? Lets find out.

What Is Vitamin C?


Vitamin C is an…

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How To Perform T-Bar Row:Correct Form and Benefits

The correct form of dumbbell bent over rows,its variations,benefits achieved and useful tips and muscles used while performing this exercise